IEEE Visualization '96


Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions will be held Thursday evening and other times as needed. These sessions will provide participants the opportunity to discuss current topics with others. BOFs are open to all Vis '96 attendees. In addition to the following, other BOFs may be available at the conference. If you wish to lead a BOF, please contact Polly Baker ( or use the sign-up board at the conference. When you arrive, be sure to check the sign-up board for additional BOFs.

IDL Users Group Meeting - Fast Visualization & Application Development
David M. Uhlir, Ph.D., IDL Product Manager, Research Systems, Inc.

IDL users and anyone interested in tapping into a powerful, 4th generation programming language will meet to discuss IDL and the latest Version 5.0 innovations. IDL is advanced software for data analysis, visualization and application development. Development time is significantly reduced with IDL's high-level, array-oriented programming language and library of 2D and 3D graphics, mathematics, statistics and cross-platform GUI tools. If you analyze data from tests, experiments or images, or write applications for others to use, IDL will give you clear results faster.

Research Systems contact:
Julie Ceranski, 303-413-3901 or

AVS, AVS/Express, Uniras Users Group at Visualization '96
Upul R. Obeysekare

Current AVS, AVS/Express, UNIRAS users will be able to discuss issues related to scientific visualization and visualization application development using AVS products. The main theme of the meeting will be to discuss issues related to the Viz Express 1.0 and AVS/Express 3.1 releases. Open discussion on AVS products on the Web (VRML, Java, etc.) is planned. This meeting will provide an opportunity for AVS users to get together to discuss common issues related to AVS products. Engineers and marketing representatives from AVS Inc. will be available for questions.

IRIS Explorer Users Group Meeting
Keith Ferrara-Durth, NAG, Inc.

Whether you're a novice or expert IRIS Explorer user, or perhaps interested in the product and want to find out more, you're welcome to attend this Users Group Meeting. Meet with members of the IRIS Explorer development team and learn about features and enhancements in the next release of IRIS Explorer; current platform availability, including popular Unix workstations and Windows NT; support and training courses; the various IRIS Explorer Centers; and the availability of graphics and modules on the Web. Users are welcome to contribute posters illustrating projects and interesting images to share with others. Please contact NAG, Inc. to discuss contributions, or feel free to bring your materials to the meeting. Copies of the latest issue of Render, the IRIS Explorer newsletter, will be available. Hope to see you there!

Khoros Users Group Meeting
Leslee Richards, Product Manager, Khoral Research, Inc.

If you've been looking for a software environment for image processing, data visualization and exploration, visual programming, and software development, you won't want to miss this opportunity to get to know Khoros and Khoral Research Inc. Whether you're an experienced Khoros user or just starting out, you'll find this session valuable. Talk with members of our experienced development team, see a demonstration of Khoros, and learn about the latest functionality, the upcoming Khoros Symposium, training courses, technical support, and solutions management. Come, have a snack with us, and find out why Khoros is rapidly becoming a de facto standard for the Department of Defense.

Implementing 3-D Business Visualization
Bill Wright, Chief Designer, Application Solutions, Visible Decisions, Inc.

The purpose of this meeting is to spark some interesting conversations among people who have actually built, and have operating, useful business visualizations. It is an opportunity to meet people with similar interests and to learn from some practical experiences, like: Everyone will have a chance to speak for a few minutes. A list of issues will be kept on a board at the front. At the end, the top three issues will form the basis of a general discussion. The meeting will be moderated by Bill Wright from Visible Decisions. Please contact Bill at for further information.