IEEE Visualization '96


The IBM Visualization Data Explorer Symposium will be held October 28 and 29 at the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Airport, San Francisco, California. The meeting is intended for all users and people interested in IBM Visualization Data Explorer (DX) software. Join us for an exciting two day meeting that will include: The meeting is NOT restricted to current licensed users of DX. However, current users are encouraged to present their work at the meeting (see the Call for Papers below). Detailed information on registration for the DX Symposium is included in the registration information for the IEEE Visualization '96 Conference. If you have specific issues you would like addressed at the meeting, let us know at, or 1-800-388-9820. Meeting information will be continually updated on the DX web site,

Call for Papers
Papers are sought for presentation at the Visualization Data Explorer Symposium that discuss development and applications using DX. Potential topics include (but are not limited to): Papers will be published on a CD-ROM to be distributed after the meeting, and on the IBM Data Explorer World Wide Web site. Presentations at the meeting will be in poster format, with a few papers selected for stand up presentation, schedule permitting.

The paper itself should be written in HTML, and may include images, animations, data, macros, and/or module code. Acceptable file formats and sizes are detailed on the DX web site at

RIGHT NOW - Let us know if you would like to participate, either by presenting a paper or in some other capacity, by sending email to or calling 1-800-388-9820.

August 10, 1996 - E-mail a 250 word abstract to

September 1, 1996 - Full paper due, either by ftp or by sending an 8 mm or 4 mm tape (details available on the DX web site).

Please address questions or comments to: or 1-800-388-9820