IEEE Visualization '97


Wednesday, 8:00 - 10:00 A.M.
KN Keynote Session:
Keynote Address: Global Tele-Immersion
Speaker: Thomas A. DeFanti
Wednesday, 10:15 - 12:15 P.M.
2A Panel: "Terascale Visualization: Approaches, Pitfalls, and Issues"
Chairs: C. Hunter, R. Crawfis
Panelists: M. Cox, R. Crawfis, B. Hamann, C. Hansen, M. Miller
2B Papers: Volume Rendering I
(1) A Comparison of Normal Estimation Schemes,
T. Mšller, R. Machiraju, K. Mueller, R. Yagel
(2) Collision Detection for Volumetric Objects,
T. He, A. Kaufman
(3) The VSBUFFER: Visibility Ordering of Unstructured Volume Primitives by Polygon Drawing,
R. Westermann, T. Ert
(4) Volume Rendering of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms,
R.C. Tam, C.G. Healey, B. Flak
2C Cases: Flow Visualization
(1) Vortex Identification - applications in aerodynamics,
D. Kenwright, R. Haimes
(2) exVis 1.0: Developing a Wind Tunnel Data Visualization Tool,
S.P. Uselton
(3) Visualizing 3D Flow with Volume LIC: issues and insights,
V. Interrante
(4) Towards Efficient Visualization Support for Single-block and Multi-block Datasets,
J.M. Favre
Wednesday, 1:45 - 3:45 P.M.
3A Papers: Vector Fields
(1) Auralization of Streamline Vorticity in Computational Fluid Dynamics Data,
C.R. Volpe, E.P. Glinert
(2) Singularities in Nonuniform Tensor Fields,
Y. Lavin, Y. Levy, L. Hesselink
(3) Visualization of Higher Order Singularities in Vector Fields,
G. Scheuermann, H. Hagen, H. Krueger, M. Menzel, A. Rockwood
(4) Principal Stream Surface,
W. Cai, P.A. Heng
3B Papers: Terrain Visualization
(1) ROAMing Terrain,
M.A. Duchaineau, M. Wolinsky, D.E. Sigeti, M.C. Miller, C. Aldrich, M. Mineev
(2) Visualization of Height Field Data with Physical Models and Texture Photomapping,
D. Clark, M.J. Bailey
(3) Visualization of Large Terrains in Resource-Limited Computing Environments,
B. Rabinovitch, C. Gotsman
(4) Building and Traversing a Surface at Variable Resolution,
L. De Floriani, P. Magillo, E. Puppo
3C Cases: Medical Visualization
(1) Brushing Techniques for Exploring Volume Datasets,
P. C. Wong, R.D. Bergeron
(2) Interactive Volume Rendering for Virtual Colonoscopy,
S. You, L. Hong, K. Junyaprasert, A. Kaufman, S. Muraki, Y. Zhou
(3) DNA Visual and Analytic Data Mining: A Case Study,
P. Hoffman, G. Grinstein, K. Marx, I. Grosse, E. Stanley
(4) An Interactive Cerebral Blood Vessels Exploration System,
A. Puig, D. Tost, I. Navazo
Wednesday, 4:00 - 5:30 P.M.
4A Papers: Information Visualization
(1) Multivariate Visualization Using Metric Scaling,
P.C. Wong, R.D. Bergeron
(2) Visualizing the Behavior of Higher Dimensional Dynamical Systems,
R. Wegenkittl, H. Loeffelmann, E. Groeller
(3) Displaying Data in Multidimensional Relevance Space with 2D Visualization Maps,
J. Assa, D. Cohen-Or, T. Milo
4B Papers: Multiresolution
(1) Multiresolution Tetrahedral Framework for Visualizing Volume Data,
Y. Zhou, B. Chen, A. Kaufman
(2) Haar Wavelets over Triangular Domains with Applications to Multiresolution Models for Flow over a Sphere,
G.M. Nielson, I.H. Jung, J. Sung
(3) Wavelet-based Multiresolutional Representation of Computational Field Simulation Datasets,
Z. Zhu, R. Machiraju, B. Fry, R.J. Moorhead
4C Hot Topics Session I
Thursday, 8:30 - 10:00 A.M.
5A Papers: User Interfaces & Interaction
(1) Dynamic Color Mapping of Bivariate Qualitative Data,
P. Rheingans
(2) The Contour Spectrum,
C.L. Bajaj, V. Pascucci, D.R. Schikore
(3) Constrained 3D Navigation with 2D Controllers,
A.J. Hanson, E. Wernert
5B Papers: Volume Rendering II
(1) Two-Phase Perspective Casting for Interactive Volume Navigation,
M.L. Brady, K. Jung, H.T. Nguyen, T. Nguyen
(2) Accelerated Volume Rendering Using Homogenous Region Encoding,
J.L. Freund, K. Sloan
(3) An Anti-Aliasing Technique for Splatting,
J.E. Swan II, K. Mueller, T. Mšller, N. Shareef, R.A. Crawfis, R. Yagel
5C Cases: Educational Visualization
(1) Instructional Software for Visualizing Optical Phenomena,
D.C. Banks, J.T. Foley, K.N. Vidimce, M.H. Kiu
(2) Wildfire Visualization,
J. Ahrens, P. McCormick, J.Bossert, J. Reisner, J. Winterkamp
(3) Visualization of Geometric Algorithms in an Electronic Classroom,
M. Shneerson, A. Tal
Thursday, 10:15 - 12:15 P.M.
6A Papers: Isosurfaces
(1) A Topology Modifying Progressive Decimation Algorithm,
W.J. Schroeder
(2) Efficient Subdivision of Finite-Element and CFD Datasets into Consistent Tetrahedra,
G. Albertelli, R.A. Crawfis
(3) Interval Volume Tetrahedralization,
G.M. Nielson, J. Sung
(4) Computing the Separating Surface for Segmented Data,
G.M. Nielson, R. Franke
6B Papers: Visualization Systems
(1) Application-Controlled Demand Paging for Out-of-Core Visualization,
M.B. Cox, D. Ellsworth
(2) GADGET: Goal-Oriented Application Design Guidance for Modular Visualization Environments,
I. Fujishiro, Y. Takeshima, Y. Ichikawa, K. Nakamura
(3) Collaborative Visualization,
J.D. Wood, H. Wright, K.W. Brodlie
(4) VizWiz: A Java Applet for Interactive 3D Scientific Visualization on the Web,
C.K. Michaels, M.J. Bailey
6C Cases: Web & Virtual Reality
(1) Collaborative Augmented Reality: Exploring Dynamical Systems,
A. Fuhrmann, H. Loeffelmann, D. Schmalstieg
(2) Visualizing Customer Segmentations Produced by Self Organizing Maps,
H. Rushmeier, R. Lawrence, G. Almasi
(3) Pearls Found on the way to the Ideal Interface for Scanned-probe Microscopes,
R.M. Taylor, J. Chen, S. Okimoto, N. Llopis-Artime, V.L. Chi, F.P. Brooks Jr., M. Falvo, S. Paulson, P. Thiansanthaporn, D. Glick, S. Washburn, R. Superfine
(4) Viewing IGES Files Through VRML,
Jed Marti
Thursday, 1:45 - 3:45 P.M.
7A Papers: Data Extraction
(1) View Synthesis from a Sparse Set of Views,
Q. Chen, G.G. Medioni
(2) Virtualized Reality: Constructing Time- Varying Virtual Worlds from Real World Events,
P.W Rander, P.J. Narayanan, T. Kanade
(3) Extracting Feature Lines from 3D Unstructured Grids,
K.L. Ma, V.L. Interrante
(4) I/O Optimal Isosurface Extraction,
Y.J. Chiang, C.T. Silva
7B Papers: Flow Visualization
(1) CAVEvis: Distributed Real-Time Visualization of Time-Varying Scalar and Vector Fields Using the CAVE Virtual Reality Theater,
V.S. Jaswal
(2) Fast Oriented Line Integral Convolution for Vector Field Visualization via the Internet,
R. Wegenkittl, E. Groeller
(3) UFLIC: A Line Integral Convolution Algorithm for Visualizing Unsteady Flows,
H.W. Shen, D.L. Kao
(4) The Motion Map: Efficient Computation of Steady Flow Animations,
B. Jobard, W. Lefer
7C Cases: Engineering and Computational Geometry
(1) Visualization of Plant Growth,
J. Loomis, X. Liu, Z. Ding, K. Fujimura
(2) Determination of Unknown Particle Charges in a Thunder Cloud Based Upon Detected Electric Field Vectors,
D. Drake, T. Simpson, L. Smithmeir, P. Rheingans
(3) Interactive Visualization of large Polygonal Environments,
L. Sobierajski Avila, W. Schroeder
(4) Efficient visualization of Physical and Structural Properties in Crash-worthiness Simulations,
S. Kuschfeldt, T. Ertl, M. Holzner
Thursday, 4:00 - 5:30 P.M.
8A Papers: Compression
(1) Integrated Volume Compression and Visualization,
T.C. Chiueh, C.K Yang, T. He, H. Pfister, A. Kaufman
(2) Multiresolution Compression and Reconstruction,
O.G. Staadt, M.H Gross, R. Weber
(3) Optimized Geometry Compression for Real-time Rendering,
M.M. Chow
8B Panel: "Information Exploration Shootout Project and Benchmark Data Sets: Evaluating how Visualization does in Analyzing Real-World Data Analysis Problems"
Moderator: G. Grinstein
Panelists: S. Laskowski
B. Rogowitz
G. Wills
other unnamed panelists
8C Hot Topic Session II
Friday, 8:30 - 10:00 A.M.
9A Papers: Polygonal Surfaces
(1) Visibility Culling using Portal Textures,
D.G. Aliaga, A.A. Lastra
(2) Repairing CAD Models,
G. Barequet, S. Kumar
(3) Dynamic Smooth Subdivision Surfaces for Data Visualization,
C. Mandal, H. Qin, B.C. Vemuri
9B Cases: Math & Statistics
(1) Visualization of Rotation Fields,
M.A. Livingston
(2) Isosurface Extraction Using Particle Systems,
P. Crossno, E.S. Angel
(3) A Visualization of Music,
S.M. Smith, G.N. Williams
9C Hot Topic Session III
Friday, 10:15 - 12:15 P.M.
10A Papers: Surface Simplification
(1) Smooth Hierarchical Surface Triangulations,
T.S. Gien, B. Hamann, K.I. Joy, G.L. Schlussmann, I.J. Trotts
(2) The Multilevel Finite Element Method for Adaptive Mesh Optimization and Visualization of Volume Data,
R. Grosso, C. Luerig, T. Ertl
(3) Simplifying Polygonal Models Using Successive Mappings,
J. Cohen, D. Manocha, M. Olano
(4) Controlled Simplification of Genus for Polygonal Models,
J. El-Sana, A. Varshney
10B Panel: "Perceptual Measures for Effective Visualizations"
Moderator: H. Rushmeier
Panelists: H. Barrett
P. Rheingans
S. Uselton
A. Watson
Friday, 1:00 - 3:00 P.M.
CS Capstone Session:
Awards for Best Paper, Best Panel, Best Hot Topics and Best Case Study
Capstone Address:
Speaker: M. Pesce