Name:Mahnas Jean Mohammadi-Aragh
Associated Centers:Center for Cyber Innovation
Email: jean@cci.msstate.edu

Publications: Mohammadi-Aragh, M. J., Ball, J. E., & Jaison, D. (2016). Using Wavelets to Categorize Student Attention. Frontiers in Education. Erie, PA.

Grimes, C. D., & Mohammadi-Aragh, M. J. (2016). The Motivations and Obstructions for Female Engineers. Proceedings of the First Year Engineering Experience. Columbus, OH.

Jones, B. A., & Mohammadi-Aragh, M. J. (2016). Employing Literate Programming Instruction in a Microprocessors Course. Proceedings of the 123rd ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. New Orleans, LA. [Abstract] [Document]

McFalls-Brown, R. J., Mohammadi-Aragh, M. J., Sullivan, R. W., & Grimes, D. C. (2016). Background Factors Affecting Student Success in Aerospace Engineering: A Survey of Sophomore and Senior Students. Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education. New Orleans, LA.

Black, G., Singh, S., Zhang, S., Mohammadi-Aragh, M. J., & Irby, D. (2016). Exploring 3D Visualization for Malware Analysis. Visualization and Data Analysis. San Francisco, CA: IS&T Electronic Imaging 2016.

Total Publications by this Author: 45