Name:Xiao Wang
Associated Centers:Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Email: xwang@cavs.msstate.edu
Office:High Performance Computing Building, A211
Office Phone:(662) 325-1009

Publications: Walters, K., Burgreen, GW, Hester, R. L., Thompson, D., Pruett, W. A., & Wang, X. (2014). Cyclic Breathing Simulations in Large-Scale Models of the Lung Airway From the Oronasal Opening to the Terminal Bronchioles. ASME Journal of FLuids Engineering. 136(10), 1-10. DOI:10.1115/1.4027485. [Abstract] [Document] [Document Site]

Wang, X., Walters, K., Burgreen, GW, & Thompson, D. (2013). Traditional CFD Boundary Conditions Applied to Blood Analog Flow Through a Patient-Specific Aortic Coarctation. 2013 International Workshop on Statistical Atlases and Computational Models of the Heart,. Nagoya, Japan. [Abstract] [Document]

Weed, R., Luke, E., Janus, M., Thompson, D., Wang, X., & Remotigue, M. (2012). Analysis of Underbody Blast and Blast in Urban Areas Using the MSU Loci/BLAST Code. NDIA Physics Based Modeling in Design and Development for U.S. Defense. Denver, CO: NDIA.

Wang, X., & Walters, K. (2012). Computational Analysis of Marine-Propeller Performance Using Transition-Sensitive Turbulence Modeling. Journal of Fluids Engineering. ASME. 134(7), 071107 1-10. [Abstract] [Document]

Sheng, C., & Wang, X. (2009). Aerodynamic Analysis of a Spinning Missile with Dithering Canards Using a Higher Order Unstructured Grid Scheme. 47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 5-8 January 2009, Orlando, Florida.

Total Publications by this Author: 9