Name:Teresia Buza
Associated Centers:Institute for Genomics, Biocomputing and Biotechnology
Position:Postdoctoral Associate
Email: tbuza@igbb.msstate.edu
Office:High Performance Computing Building, 219

Publications: Buza, T., Arick, M., II, Wang, H, & Peterson, D. G. (2014). Computational Prediction of Disease MicroRNAs in Domestic Animals. BMC Research Notes. 7, 403. DOI:10.1186/1756-0500-7-403. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Buza, T., Arick, M., II, Wang, H, & Peterson, D. G. (2014). Human Disease MicroRNAs and their Counterparts in Domestic Animals. Mississippi-INBRE Annual Research Symposium. The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS: MS-INBRE. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Buza, T., & McCarthy, F.M. (2013). Functional Genomics: Applications to Production Agriculture. CAB Reviews Perspectives in Agriculture Veterinary Science Nutrition and Natural Resources. CAB International 2013. 8(054), 1-21. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Buza, T., Arick, M., II, Gresham, C. R., McCarthy, F.M., & Nanduri, B. (2013). Top-down transversing the Gene Ontology to extract biological knowledge for biomedical models. MCBIOS X: The 10th Anniversary: Discovery in A Sea of Data. University of Missouri, Columbia, MO: MidSouth Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Society (MCBIOS). 10(1), 120. [Abstract]

Reddy, J. S., Buza, T., Ramkumar , R., Edelmann, M. J., Watt, J. M., Lawrence, M. L., & Nanduri, B. (2013). Proteogenomic mapping of bovine respiratory disease pathogens . MCBIOS X: The 10th Anniversary: Discovery in a Sea of Data . University of Missouri, Columbia, MO: MidSouth Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Society (MCBIOS) . 10(1), 100. [Abstract]

Total Publications by this Author: 12