Name:Lee Gray Turnage, Jr (Gray)
Associated Centers:Geosystems Research Institute
Position:Research Associate
Email: gturnage@gri.msstate.edu
Office:High Performance Computing Building, 103-h
Office Phone:(662) 325-7527

Biography:I was born and raised in Biloxi, MS. I received my M.S. in Biological Sciences from Mississippi State University in 2013. I am a Research Associate at GRI working with Dr. Madsen on invasive aquatic plants.

Hobbies:Spending time with my family and being outdoors.

Publications: Madsen, J. D., Turnage, G., & Sartain, B. T. (2014). Management of Flowering Rush Using the Contact Herbicide Diquat in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota 2013. Mississippi State University: Geosystems Research Institute. [Document]

Sartain, B. T., Turnage, G., & Madsen, J. D. (2014). Aquatic Plant Community and Invasive Plant Management Assessment of the Ross Barnett Reservoir, MS in 2013. GRI Report #5062. Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS: Geosystems Research Institute. 34. [Document]

Madsen, J. D., Sartain, B. T., & Turnage, G. (2014). Herbicide Trials for Management of Flowering Rush in Minnesota. Weed Science Society of America 54th Annual Meeting. Vancouver, BC, Canada. [Abstract]

Turnage, G., & Madsen, J. D. (2014). Littoral Survey of Noxon and Cabinet Gorge Reservoirs, Montana, 2013. GRI Report #5061. Mississippi State University: Geosystems Research institute. 82. [Document]

Wersal, R. M., Madsen, J. D., & Turnage, G. (2014). Evaluating the Sensitivity of Hydrilla and American Lotus to Different Copper Formulations Applied Alone and in Combination with Diquat. 2014 Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society annual conference. Westbrook, CT.

Total Publications by this Author: 25