Name:Debisree Ray
Associated Centers:Institute for Systems Engineering Research
Position:Postdoctoral Associate
Email: debisree@iser.msstate.edu
Office:Hilbun Hall, 136

Research Interest: Nuclear Physics

Publications: Hamilton, M. A., Jaradat, R. M., Jones, P. B., Wall, E. S., Dayarathna, V., Ray, D., & Hsu, G. (2018). Immersive Virtual Training Environment for Teaching Single and Multi-queuing Theory: Industrial Engineering Queuing Theory Concepts. 2018 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. Salt Lake City, UT.

Hamilton, M. A., Jaradat, R. M., Wall, E. S., Jones, P. B., Ray, D., & Dayarathna, V. (2018). Learning Industrial Engineering Concepts with Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences. Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference. Orlando, FL.

Total Publications by this Author: 2