Name:Kenneth Moser (Kenny)
Associated Centers:Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Position:Graduate Research Assistant
Email: krm104@msstate.edu
Office:Butler Hall, 209
Office Phone:(601) 481-4782

Publications: Hua, C., Moser, K., & Swan II, J. E. (2014). The Effect of an Occluder on Near Field Depth Matching in Optical See-Through Augmented Reality. In Research Videos, Proceedings of IEEE Virtual Reality. 149. DOI:10.1109/VR.2014.6802095. [Document Site]

Moser, K., Axholt, M., & Swan II, J. E. (2014). Baseline SPAAM Calibration Accuracy and Precision in the Absence of Human Postural Sway Error. Proceedings of IEEE Virtual Reality 2014. Minneapolis, MN.

Total Publications by this Author: 2