Name:Lei Chen
Associated Centers:Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Email: chen@cavs.msstate.edu
Office Phone:(662) 325-3260

Research Interest:  Advanced numerical methods for fracture modelling of solids and structures
 Multi-physics and multi-scale modelling for energy storage systems
 Multi-scale model integrating phase-field and finite-element methods for additive manufacturing
 Isogeometric analysis for wrinkling and folding of engineering and biological membranes
 Phase-field model coupled with crystal plasticity for microstructure evolution in Mg-, Ti- Ni- alloys

Publications: Cheng, M., Yang, T., Luan, K., Chen, L., Wang, L., Zeng, J., Li, Y., Zhang, W., & Chen, L. (2017). Microstructural Effects on Effective Piezoelectric Responses of Textured PMN-PT Ceramics. Acta Materialia. 145, 62-70. [Document Site]

Liang, J., Guo, Z., Du, S., & Chen, L. (2017). Stress Induced by Diffusion, Curvature, and Reversible Electrochemical Reaction in Bilayer Lithium-ion Battery Electrode Plates. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. 134, 599-609. [Document Site]

Chen, H., Ji, Y., Zhang, C., Liu, W., Chen, H., Yang, Z., & Chen, L. (2017). Understanding Cementite Dissolution in Pearlitic Steels Subjected to Rolling-sliding Contact Loading: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study. Acta Materialia. 141, 193-205. [Document Site]

Liang, J., Guo, Z., & Chen, L. (2017). Analytical Solutions and Numerical Simulations of Diffusion-induced Stresses and Concentration Distributions in Porous Electrodes with Particles of Different Size and Shape. Journal of Materials Science. 52, 13606-13525. [Document Site]

Wang, Z., Li, Q., Trinh, W., Lu, Q., Cho, H., Wang, Q., & Chen, L. (2017). Optimal Design of High Temperature Metalized Thin-film Polymer Capacitors: a Combined Numerical and Experimental Method. Journal of Power Sources. 357, 149-157. [Document Site]

Total Publications by this Author: 14