Name:Ioana Banicescu
Associated Centers:Center for Computational Sciences
Email: ib4@msstate.edu
Office:High Performance Computing Building,
Office Phone:(662) 325-7508

Publications: Balasubramaniam, M., Banicescu, I., & Ciorba, F. M. (2013). Scheduling Data Parallel Workloads - A Comparative Study of Two Common Algorithmic Approaches. Proceedings of International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP). Lyon, France: IEEE Computer Society Press.

Banicescu, I. (2013). Towards a Technology for Robust and Cost Effective Autonomic Execution of Scientific Applications. Computer Science Department and the Center for High Performance Computing at the Technical University. Dresden, Germany.

Sukhija, N., Banicescu, I., Srivastava, S., & Ciorba, F. M. (2013). Evaluating the Flexibility of Dynamic Loop Scheduling on Heterogeneous Systems in the Presence of Fluctuating Load Using SimGrid. Proceedings of IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS2013-PDSEC). Boston, MA: IEEE Computer Society Press.

Carino, R.L., & Banicescu, I. (2008). Dynamic Load Balancing with Adaptive Factoring Methods in Scientific Applications. The Journal of Supercomputing. 44(1), 41-63.

Banicescu, I., Carino, R.L., Harvill, J. L., & Lestrade, J. P. (2005). Vector Nonlinear Time-series Analysis of Gamma-ray Burst Datasets on Heterogeneous Clusters. Scientific Programming. IOS Press. 13(2), 66-77. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Total Publications by this Author: 105