Publication Abstract

Paired T-element Design for Multiple-state Acknowledge Dependency

Taylor, R. A., & Reese, R. (2013). Paired T-element Design for Multiple-state Acknowledge Dependency. Electronics Letter. Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK: Institution of Engineering and Technology. 49(19), 1213-1214. DOI:10.1049/el.2013.1562.


A paired T-element that assists in successfully controlling a dual-rail delay-insensitive asynchronous circuit system that implements multiple states containing acknowledge networks, that are interdependent, is presented. A T-element allows triggering of next-state actions concurrently with negation of its acknowledge input. However, this introduces a timing assumption that can cause system failure if it is violated. With little additional overhead, the paired T-element is designed to combine the functionality of two standard T-elements and allow adjacent reads to take place when there are inter-state dependencies. This component successfully overlaps advantages of the performance optimisation of the original T-element with the safety of the solution to this control scenario, making it an important element to be used in dual-rail delay-insensitive asynchronous circuit systems.