Publication Abstract

A Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Minimal Energy Storage System

Shahverdi, M., Mazzola, M., Doude, M., & Grice, Q. (2014). A Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Minimal Energy Storage System. IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC 2014). Dearborn, MI: IEEE.


A series HEV with a minimal or “light” Energy Storage System (ESS) and a small engine is examined with the objective of maximizing fuel economy with little all-electric range. The motivation is the re-examination of assumptions about consumer adoption of electric vehicles, with the goal to consider lowest cost of ownership without compromising range. Lowest cost of ownership is indicated by maximizing fuel economy with a small ESS and a minimal displacement engine sized for average, rather than peak power. A minimal ESS is found via a parametric study for maximum fuel economy and empirically validated on a chassis dynamometer.