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The 1997 Gordon Research Conference

High-Performance Computing and Information Infrastructure

Practical Revolutions in HPC and NII

July 13-17, 1997
Plymouth State College
Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA

The Gordon conferences are a group of meetings intended to bring together a group of leading researchers in a specific scientific discipline to discuss cutting edge issues. As such, they are a bit different than the traditional conference. In particular, there are no published proceedings, and attendees are requested not to attribute comments to specific speakers; see the Gordon conference general information. In short, the goal is free-wheeling, ``blue sky'' discussion of open problems.

In keeping with this spirit, the conferences are held on a college campus, with attendee lodging in a college dormitory; this year's meeting is at Plymouth State College. There are morning and evening sessions, with the afternoons free for open-ended discussion.

Also, all nonspeaking participants are strongly encouraged to contribute to the meeting by presenting a poster on an appropriate topic.

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