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Gordon Conference Registration

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All attendees MUST preregister SIX WEEKS prior to the conference. We realize that this is a bit unusual, but we don't make the rules in this case --- the Gordon conference folks do.

The registration form is available in both postscript and in GIF format. The completed registration form must be sent directly to the Gordon conference management, not to the conference organizers.

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Conference Fees

Gordon conferences are operated on a fixed fee basis. This fixed fee includes the conference registration, lodging in a Plymouth State College dorm room, and all meals. The fee schedule is as follows, where non-resident means someone who is lodging other than at the College.

       Conferee (double occupancy)       $550
       Conferee (single occupancy)       $605
       Conferee (non-resident)           $475

       Guest    (double occupancy)       $360
       Guest    (single occupancy)       $410
       Guest    (non-resident)           $270


For more information or for general questions, contact the conference organizers or the Gordon Research Conference management.

Gordon Research Conferences
Univesity of Rhode Island 
P.P. Box 984 
West Kingston, RI  02892-0984 

Telephone: (401) 783-4011
FAX:  (401) 783-7644

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