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Infovis '98 Call for Participation

InfoVis '98, the fourth Information Visualization Symposium, will be held to focus on the rapidly growing area of information visualization. Increasing amounts of data and information and the availability of fast digital network access are creating a rapidly growing demand for accessing, querying and retrieving information and data. However, information technology will not transform business, science, medicine, engineering, and education if users cannot use it easily and efficiently. Technology must come to the users, taking their needs into account. If we do not involve the users, we will develop useless systems. InfoVis '98 will focus on all aspects of information visualization and human-centered information interfaces, and on ways in which advances in interactive computer graphics hardware, mass storage, and data visualization can be used to visualize information. Submissions are solicited in all areas of information visualization and human-centered information interfaces, including, but not limited to, such topics as:

  • Interactive information visualization
  • Multi-dimensional information visualization
  • Information presentation
  • Visualization of complex information
  • Information visualization for heterogeneous audiences
  • Visualizing the internet and WWW
  • Browsing and other Navigation methods
  • Visualization Algorithms
  • Visualization OF Algorithms
  • Visualization of textual information
  • Visualization and Knowledge Discovery
  • Graph / Network Visualizations
  • Geographic Visualizations

Submissions: The deadline for submission is March 31, 1998. Papers should be at most 8,000 words including an abstract, affiliation, and keywords, and should present previously unpublished original results. Please submit 8 copies of your paper. Video submissions (NTSC VHS) with papers are welcome (4 copies), but are not required. Videos will assist reviewers' assessment of the papers. Submit to:

Graham Wills
Lucent Technologies Bell Labs
Room 1U-334
1000 E. Warrenville Rd.
Naperville IL 60566
Phone: 630-979-7338
Fax: 630-713-4982

For further information about the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization, contact:

John Dill
School of Engineering Science
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC V5A1S6
Phone: 604-291-3574
Fax: 604-291-4951

WWW address:

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