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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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All Visualization 98 attendees who stay for the Awards Ceremony on Friday afternoon will receive a VIS 98 T-shirt on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Wednesday, 8:00 - 10:00am


Keynote Session: Modern Trompe L’oeil,
Pat Hanrahan

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Wednesday, 10:15 - 12:15pm

2A Panel: “Why is Real-Time Volume Rendering No
Longer a Year Away?”
Moderator: Arie Kaufman
Panelists: Marty Brady, Bill Lorensen, Fred Kitson,
Hanspeter Pfister

2B Papers: Terrain Visualization and Level of Detail

(1) Large scale Terrain Visualization using the
Restricted Quadtree Triangulation, Renato B. Pajarola
(2) Contour Interpolation and Surface Reconstruction of
Smooth Terrain Models, Jianyun Chai,
Takaharu Miyoshi, Eihachiro Nakamae
(3) Smooth View-Dependent Level-of-Detail Control
and Its Application to Terrain Rendering,
Hugues H. Hoppe
(4) Efficient Implementation of Multi-Triangulations,
Leila De Floriani, Paola Magillo, Enrico Puppo

2C Cases: Flow Visualization

(1) Task Specific Visualization Design: A Case Study
in Operational Weather Forecasting,
Lloyd A. Treinish
(2) Development of a Multi-Source Visualization
Prototype, Leslie Keely, Sam Uselton
(3) Data Level Comparison of Wind Tunnel and
Computational Fluid Data Dynamics Data,
Qin Shen, Alex Pang, Sam Uselton
(4) Selective Visualization of Vortices in
Hydrodynamic Flows, I. Ari Sadarjoen,
Frits H. Post, Bing Ma, David C. Banks,
Hans-Georg Pagendarm

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Wednesday, 1:45 - 3:45pm

3A Papers: Surfaces and Level of Detail Techniques

(1) Visualization of Scalar Topology for Structural
Enhancement, Chandrajit L. Bajaj, Valerio Pascucci,
Daniel Schikore
(2) A General Method for Recovering Attribute Values
on Simplified Meshes, Paolo Cignoni,
Claudio Montani, Claudio Rocchini, Roberto Scopigno
(3) Surface Reconstruction with Anisotropic
Density-Scaled Alpha Shapes, Marek Teichmann,
Michael Capps
(4) Level of Detail Visualization of Scalar Data Sets
on Irregular Surface Meshes,
Georges-Pierre Bonneau, Alexandre Gerussi

3B Papers: Feature Detection and Visualization

(1) Tracking Features in Unstructured Datasets,
D. Silver, X. Wang
(2) Feature Detection in Linked Derived Spaces,
Chris Henze
(3) Extremal Feature Extraction from 3-D Vector and
Noisy Scalar Fields, Chi-Keung Tang,
Gerard G. Medioni
(4) Feature Comparisons of Vector Fields using Earth
Mover’s Distance, Yingmei Lavin,
Rajesh Kumar Batra, Lambertus Hesselink

3C Cases: Medical Data Visualization

(1) Visual Presentation of Magnetic Resonance Images,
J. E. van der Heyden, M. S. T. Carpendale, K. Inkpen,
M. S. Atkins
(2) Visualization in Corneal Topography,
F. M. Vos, H. J. W. Spoelder
(3) Case Study Using the Virtual Environment for
Reconstructive Surgery, Kevin Montgomery,
Michael Stephanides, Stephen Schendel, Muriel Ross
(4) Interactive Virtual Angioscopy, i
Enrico Gobbetti, Piero Pili, Antonio Zorcolo,
Massimiliano Tuveri

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Wednesday, 4:00 - 5:30pm

4A Papers: Multi-Dimensional Visualization

(1) Building Perceptual Textures to Visualize
Multidimensional Datasets, Christopher G. Healey,
James T. Enns
(2) Efficient Co-Triangulation of Large Data Sets,
Henrik Weimer, Joe Warren, Jane Troutner,
Wendell Wiggins, John Shrout
(3) Visualizing Diffusion Tensor Images of the Mouse
Spinal Cord, David H. Laidlaw, Eric T. Ahrens,
David Kremers, Matthew J. Avalos, Carol Readhead,
Russell E. Jacobs

4B Papers: Flow and Streamlines

(1) Image-Guided Streamline Placement on
Curvilinear Grid Surfaces, Xiaoyang Mao,
Yuji Hatanaka, Hidenori Higashida, Atsumi Imamiya
(2) A Higher-Order Method For Finding Vortex Core
Lines, Martin Roth, Ronald Peikert
(3) Automatic Detection of Open and Closed
Separation and Attachment Lines,
David N. Kenwright

4C Hot Topics Session I

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Thursday, 8:30 - 10:00am

5A Papers: Isosurface Extraction

(1) Isosurface Extraction from Time-Varying Fields
Using a Temporal Hierarchical Index Tree,
Han-Wei Shen
(2) Interactive Out-Of-Core Isosurface Extraction,
Yi-Jen Chiang, Claudio T. Silva, William J. Schroeder
(3) View Dependent Isosurface Extraction,
Yarden Livnat, Charles Hansen

5B Papers: Information Visualization

(1) The Gridfit Approach: An Efficient and Effective
Approach to Visualizing Large Amounts of Spatial
Data, Daniel A. Keim, Annemarie Herrmann
(2) TOPIC ISLANDS - A Wavelet-Based Text
Visualization System, Nancy E. Miller, Pak C. Wong,
Mary Brewster, Harian Foote
(3) Continuous Cartogram Construction,
Donald H. House, Christopher J. Kocmoud

5C Cases: 3D Modeling and Visualization

(1) Volumetric Visualization of Acoustic Fields in
CNMAT’s Sound Spatialization Theatre,
Sami Khoury, Adrian Freed, David Wessel
(2) Supporting Detail-in-Context for the DNA
Representation, H-Curves, M. L. Lantin,
M. S. T. Carpendale
(3) Visualizing Hilbert Curves,
Nelson Max

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Thursday, 10:15 - 12:15pm

6A Panel: “Multi-Source Data Analysis Challenges”
Panelists: Sam Uselton, Jim Ahrens, Wes Bethel, Lloyd Treinish,
Andrei State

6B Papers: Interactive Visualization  / VR / Animation

(1) A Concept for Virtual Reality Tools for Design
Reviews, Klaus Kremer
(2) Efficient Warping for Architectural Walkthroughs
using Layered Depth Images, Voicu S. Popescu,
Anselmo Lastra, Daniel G. Aliaga,
Manuel M. de Oliveira Neto
(3) Visualizing Differences in Movies of Cortical
Activity, Kay A. Robbins, David M. Senseman
(4) A Distributed Blackboard Architecture for
Interactive Data Visualization, Robert van Liere,
Jan A. Harkes, Wim C. de Leeuw

6C Cases: Terrain & Large Data Visualization

(1) Rear-Projecting Virtual Data onto Physical Terrain:
An Exercise in Two Senses Being Better Than One,
Dru Clark, Rosemarie McKeon, Richard Marciano,
Michael Bailey
(2) Intent, Perception, and Out-of-Core Visualization
Applied to Terrain, Douglass Davis, T. Y. Jiang,
William Ribarsky, Nickolas Faust
(3) Production Visualization for the ASCI One
TeraFLOPS Machine, Philip D. Heermann
(4) Battlefield Visualization on the Responsive
Workbench, Jim Durbin, J. Edward Swan II,
Brad Colbert, Chris Scannell, John Crowe, Rob King,
Tony King, Terry Welsh, Zachary Wartel

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Thursday, 1:45 - 3:45pm

7A Papers: Isosurface & Volume Rendering

(1) Interactive Ray Tracing for Isosurface Rendering,
Steven Parker, Peter Shirley, Yarden Livnat,
Charles Hansen, Peter-Pike Sloan
(2) Fast, Pop-Free Sheet Buffer-Based Splatting with
Grid Warping for Volumes with Unequal Grid
Scaling, Klaus Mueller, Roger Crawfis
(3) Accelerated Ray-Casting for Curvilinear Volumes,
Lichan Hong, Arie E. Kaufman
(4) High Quality Rendering of Attributed Volume Data,
Ulf Tiede, Thomas Schiemann, Karl Heinz Hoehne

7B Papers: Simplification

(1) Simplifying Surfaces with Color and Texture using
Quadric Error Metrics, Michael Garland,
Paul S. Heckbert
(2) A Unified Approach for Simplifying Polygonal and
Spline Models, M. Gopi, Dinesh Manocha
(3) Fast and Memory Efficient Polygonal Simplification,
Peter Lindstrom, Greg Turk
(4) Efficient and Robust Simplification of Tetrahedral
Meshes, Issac J.Trotts, Bernd Hamann, Kenneth I. Joy,
David F. Wiley

7C Cases: Marine Data Visualization

(1) Scientific Visualization and Data Modeling of
Scattered Sediment Contaminant Data in New
York/New Jersey Estuaries, Hong Ma,
Keith W. Jones, Eric A. Stern
(2) POPTEX: Interactive Ocean Model Visualization
Using Texture Mapping Hardware, Allen McPherson,
Mathew Maltrud
(3) Acoustic Imaging and Visualization of Plumes
Discharging from Black Smoker Vents on the Deep
Seafloor, P. Rona, K. Bemis, D. Kenchammana-Hosekote,
D. Silver
(4) Seabed Visualization,
Paul Chapman, Peter Stevens, Derek Wills,
Graham Brookes

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Thursday, 4:00 - 5:30pm

8A Papers: Tensor / Flow

(1) Interactive Deformations from Tensor Fields,
Ed Boring, Alex Pang
(2) Real-Time Techniques for 3D Flow Visualization,
Anton L. Fuhrmann, Eduard Groeller
(3) Wavelets Over Curvilinear Grids
Gregory M. Nielson, Il-Hong Jung, Junwon Sung

8B Panel: “Key Problems and Thorny Issues in
Multidimensional Visualization”
Panelists: Georges Grinstein, Alfred Inselberg, Sharon Laskowski

8C Hot Topics Session II

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Friday, 8:30 - 10:00am

9A Papers: Image-based Techniques and Volume Analysis

(1) Image-Based Transfer Function Design for Data
Exploration in Volume Visualization, Shiaofen Fang,
Tom Biddlecome
(2) Image-Based Rendering with Occlusions via Cubist
Images, Andrew J. Hanson, Eric A. Wernert
(3) Hierarchical Volume Analysis and Visualization Based
on Morphological Operators, Christoph Luerig,
Thomas Ertl

9B Cases: Engineering & Design

(1) Configuration Space Visualization for Mechanical
Design, Elisha Sacks, Leo Joskowicz
(2) Metallurgical Application of Three Dimensional
Visualization Techniques, Marco Lanzagorta,
Milo V. Kral, J. Edward Swan II, George Spanos,
Rob Rosenberg, Eddy Kuo
(3) Visualization for Multiparameter Aircraft Designs,
Cliff A. Shaffer, Duane L. Knill, Layne T. Watson

9C Hot Topics Session III

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Friday, 10:15 - 12:15pm

10A Papers: Texturing and Rendering

(1) Interactive Display of Very Large Textures,
David Cline, Parris K. Egbert
(2) Pixel Masks for Screen-Door Transparency,
Jurriaan D. Mulder, Frans C.A. Groen, Jarke J. van Wijk
(3) Comparing LIC and Spot Noise,
Wim C. de Leeuw, Robert van Liere
(4) Size Preserving Pattern Mapping,
Yair Kurzion, Torsten Mšller, Roni Yagel

10B Panel: “Art and Visualization: Oil and Water?”
Organizer: David Laidlaw
Panelists: David Kremers, Victoria Interrante, Felice Frankel,
Thomas Banchoff

10C Papers: Surfaces II

(1) Constrained Optimal Framings of Curves and Surfaces
Using Quaternion Gauss Maps, Andrew J. Hanson
(2) Converting Sets of Polygons to Manifold Surfaces by
Cutting and Stitching, AndrŽ P. Gueziec, Gabriel Taubin,
Francis Lazarus, William Horn
(3) Interpolation of Triangle Hierarchies, Axel Friedrich,
Konrad Polthier, Markus Schmies
(4) Progressive Tetrahedralizations, Oliver G. Staadt,
Markus H. Gross

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Friday, 1:00 - 3:00pm

CS Capstone Session: Awards for Best Paper, Best Panel,
Best Hot Topics, and Best Case Study
Capstone Address: Draw on the Wall, Turner Whitted

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