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IEEE Visualization 1999 - October 24-29, 1999, San Francisco Airport Hyatt


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Tutorial Proposal Submission Details

Half-day and full-day course proposals are invited for presentation at IEEE Visualization '99. Tutorials will be offered Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Tutorials are designed to cover specific visualization methods or application areas in depth. Subjects can include, but are not limited to, standard visualization techniques, existing languages or toolkits, mathematical fundamentals, databases, usability analysis, or commercialization of software.

Tutorial Level

Proposals should clearly identify the visualization proficiencies expected of participants at a beginning, intermediate, or advanced level.

It is the intention of the Vis '99 tutorial committee to provide one classroom equipped with workstations for hands-on instruction.

All tutorial proposals should include:

  • An abstract of the tutorial topic
  • A description of the tutorial's organization including time allocation for major course topics
  • The duration (1/2 day or 1 day)
  • The level of the tutorial (beginning, intermediate, or advanced)
  • The background and address information of each of the instructors
  • Tutorials proposing to use the interactive classroom should clearly state this preference, and also state how the course is designed for this setting

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the tutorial's importance and suitability for presentation in a tutorial format, the past experience and qualifications of the instructors, the overall balance in the tutorial program, and the likely attendance of the tutorial.

Send Proposals to:

Kelly Gaither, Mississippi State University, P.O. Box 9627, Mississippi State University, MS 39762, USA • 601.325.2067 • Fax: 601.325.7692 (e-mail submission is preferred - PostScript, ASCII, HTML, and PDF formats are all acceptable)


Proposals must be received by March 31, 1999!


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