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IEEE Visualization '98

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VISUALIZATION is a vital research and applications frontier shared by a variety of science, medical, engineering, business, and entertainment fields. The ninth IEEE Visualization conference focuses on interdisciplinary methods. It supports collaboration among developers and users of visualization methods across all of science, engineering, medicine, and commerce. The Conference Week will include tutorials, symposia, and mini-workshops Sunday through Tuesday, and papers, panels, case studies, and late-breaking hot topics presentations Wednesday through Friday.

Note to Submitters: Submissions will only be considered by the program area to which you submit. There will be no shuffling of papers between the symposia and the conference or between programs within the conference. Submitters must decide for themselves what is the best program for their work. IEEE Visualization 98 will also produce a CD-ROM. Authors will be notified about CD-ROM submission deadlines in their formal acceptance letter.

Paper Submissions (due March 31, 1998)

Papers are solicited that present research results related to all areas of visualization. Original papers should be limited to 5,000 words. The submission of NTSC VHS video (up to 5 minutes in length) to accompany the paper is strongly recommended. Please submit 7 copies of all materials. An
electronic submission form must be completed for each submission. Accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings; the videos will be included in the conference video proceedings.

For submissions and questions contact:

Holly Rushmeier
IBM TJ Watson Research Center
30 Saw Mill River Road
Hawthorne, NY 10532
Phone: 914-784-7252
Fax: 914-784-7667
Email: holly@watson.ibm.com

Panel Proposals (due March 31, 1998)

Panels should address the most important issues in visualization today, with emphasis on research, applications, systems, and results. Panelists should be experts in their field who discuss the challenges of visualization. Panel sessions are 90-120 minutes in length, with 3-5 speakers in addition to the chair. Panel proposals should describe the topic to be addressed and identify the prospective panelists. Discussion of the panel topic among the audience and interactive debate among panelists are strongly encouraged. Panel Organizers should briefly describe how they intend to facilitate discussion in their panel proposals. Each panelist should include a position statement on the topic and a short biography, the total of which should be limited to 500 words. The statements will be included in the conference proceedings.

For submissions and questions contact:

Ed Swan
The Naval Research Laboratory, Code 5580
4555 Overlook Ave SW
Washington, DC 20375-5320
Phone: 202-404-4984
Fax: 202-767-1122

Case Study Papers (due March 31, 1998)

Case studies are reports on how visualization has contributed to the analysis of data. They may have an application focus or relate to the visualization process. Possible application areas include physical, life, social and information sciences, engineering, and commerce. An emphasis on lessons learned from practical experience is strongly encouraged, particularly where visualization has been employed in a real, working environment. Presentation of challenges or limitations in today's methods and areas for potential new topics for research are desired. These reports may include results of research or approaches for work in progress but should also be somewhat educational for those not familiar with the application domain. A short paper limited to 2500 words (maximum 4 pages B/W plus 1 page color) will be included in the conference proceedings. Images and/or NTSC VHS video to accompany the paper are recommended; the video will be included in the conference video proceedings. Please submit six copies of all materials to one of the Case Studies Co-Chairs.

For submissions and questions contact:

Kwan-Liu Ma
6 North Dryden Street
NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, VA 23681-0001
Phone: 757-864-2195
Fax: 757-864-6134

Late Breaking Hot Topics Proposals (due June 15, 1998)

Submissions will be accepted on Late Breaking "Hot Topics" that pertain to all areas of Visualization. These submissions must be original, may show work in progress, and may not exceed 2000 words or a maximum of 4 pages including images. Images and/or NTSC VHS video to accompany the paper are recommended; the video will be included in the conference video proceedings. Accepted papers will be published and distributed at the conference. Authors of accepted papers will have an opportunity to submit a revised paper and a new or revised video. Submissions will be done electronically by ftp to butler.hpl.hp.com, directory /incoming-vis98. Acceptable formats include adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) and adobe postscript (.ps), that are compress'ed (.Z), gzip'ed (.gz), or Winzip'ed (.zip). Please see the
detailed submission requirements.

For submissions and questions contact:

Craig M. Wittenbrink
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
1501 Page Mill Road, MS 3U-4
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1126
Phone: 650-857-2329
Fax: 650-852-3791
Email: craig_wittenbrink@hpl.hp.com

Tutorial Proposals (due March 31, 1998)

Half-day and full-day course proposals are invited for visualization systems, methods, and application areas. Tutorials will be offered Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Proposals should clearly identify the visualization proficiencies expected of participants at a beginning, intermediate, or advanced level. They should include an abstract of the tutorial topic, a description of the tutorial's organization including time allocation for major course topics, the duration (1/2 day or 1 day), the level of the tutorial, and the background and address information of each of the instructors. Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the tutorial's importance and suitability for presentation in a tutorial format, the past experience and qualifications of the instructors, the overall balance in the tutorial program, and the likely attendance of the tutorial.

For submissions and questions contact:

Kelly Gaither
P.O. Box 9627
Mississippi State University, MS 39762
Phone: 601-325-2067
Fax: 601-325-7692

Mini-Workshop and Birds-of-a-Feather Proposals (due March 31, 1998)

Proposals may be submitted for Mini-Workshops and evening Birds-Of-A-Feather (BOF) gatherings on visualization methods or application areas. They should deal with state-of-the-art topics and involve experts in the field. Discipline-focused proposals devoted to a particular discipline's methods and needs are encouraged. If appropriate, the session may be co-sponsored by another professional organization. Mini-Workshop organizers select approximately 20 participants for their workshop based on respones to a CFP published in the Visualization '98 Advance Program. BOF sessions will be described in the Advance Program and the Final Program and the sessions are open to all. Proposals should describe the theme and goals of the Mini-Workshop or BOF, the activities planned, and provide a brief description of the organizer's background.

For submissions and questions contact:

Steve Talent
Motorola SPS Advanced Design Technology
2100 East Elliot Road (MD EL701)
Tempe, AZ 85284
Work: 602-413-8079
Fax: 602-413-4034

Demonstration Proposals

Visualization '98 is a unique opportunity to present your products to visualization experts from a wide variety of fields. We invite demonstrations of commercial hardware, software, integrated systems peripherals, and literature. We encourage commercial demonstrators to have technical representatives in attendance.

Call or write for a packet which includes fees for commercial demonstrations and past attendee demographics. Registration for the technical conference is included in the commercial demonstration fee. Commercial demonstrators confirmed before June 15, 1998 will be announced in the Advance Program. Demonstrations will be held on Wednesday and Thursday during the conference. Research groups from academia and research labs are also invited to demonstrate their work at Visualization '98. Proposals should summarize the work to be presented and identify the hardware/software platform required. Proposals from non-profit organizations will be reviewed and accepted based on the space available and the anticipated level of interest in the research. Demonstration Proposals will be accepted until the space available is filled. The earlier you commit, the more visibility your demonstration will have in the conference publicity.

For submissions and questions contact:

Upul Obeysekare
Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC)
1450 Scalp Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15904
Phone: 814-269-2542
Fax: 814-269-2666

Creative Applications Lab (due July 15, 1998)

New this year, the Creative Applications Lab (CAL) is designed to let presenters interact with conference attendees on an individual basis. CAL will have a variety of computers on which the contributors can install their materials for attendees' experimentation and enjoyment. CAL will be open in conjunction with the demonstrations at Visualization '98.

This is a unique opportunity for contributors to interface with the conference attendees. Please help us make this a successful experience for all involved. The deadline for submissions to use the CAL is July 15, 1998.

For submissions and questions contact:

Kelly Gaither
P.O. Box 9627
Mississippi State University, MS 39762
Phone: 601-325-2067
Fax: 601-325-7692

Program Note: Authors of accepted papers will have an opportunity to submit a new or revised video in early September for inclusion in the conference video proceedings.

Co-located with IEEE Visualization '98 are:

The 1998 Symposium on Volume Visualization (Vol Vis 98)
Co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and ACM/SIGGRAPH

The IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (Info Vis 98)
Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Graphics

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