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Matthew C. Dean (Matt)  
Matthew C. (Matt)
Center for Cyber Innovation
Professional Staff

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Matthew Dean is a Clinical Psychology PhD student at Mississippi State University. Matt received his Bachelor's in Psychology and Bachelor's in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement from the University of Mississippi in 2019.
During his time as an undergraduate, Matt worked within Mississippi's Cold Case Task Force. In this role, he assisted in investigative analysis of unsolved homicide and missing person cases throughout the state. He also volunteered as a crisis hotline operator with the Memphis Crisis Center, where he worked the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) and other crisis lines under the Center's operation.
Matt's work within the domains of criminal investigation and community service has shaped an interest in research bridging the gap between psychology and public safety. As he researcher, he believes in both the value of theory and the necessity for practical solutions to real-world problems.
Research Interest
Radicalization, threat assessment, extremist group behavior, crisis intervention, suicide, and the intersection of psychology and national security
Russian and Farsi language learning