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Publication Abstract

Die Filling and Compaction Using a Multiscale Methodology

Stone, T.W., Saleme Ruiz, K., Asafa, O. A., & Hammi, Y. (2012). Die Filling and Compaction Using a Multiscale Methodology. Advances in Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials. Nashville, TN: MPIF. 1(1).

Computer-based modeling of the behavior of metal powders during die filling and the subsequent compaction densification processes are important contributions to improving efficiency and cost of current production and to generating new business opportunities for the powder metallurgy industry. In this study, we simulate die filling and compaction using a multiscale approach based on Molecular Dynamics (MD), Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) and Finite Element analysis (FEA) methodologies. DEM and FEA are used to simulate the die filling process in order to predict the initial density distribution of the powders in the die. Numerical experiments using MD, DEM, and FEA are linked using a multiscale modeling approach to account for particle rearrangement, sliding, and deformation at the particle contacts in the macroscale formulation during powder compaction. The formulation includes several density- dependent material parameters to capture mechanical changes during the densification process. The simulation results are validated with experimental investigations.