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Publication Abstract

An Octree Surface Wrapping Algorithm to Recover Building Structures

Trcalek, M., Remotigue, M., McLaurin, D., & Marcum, D. (2012). An Octree Surface Wrapping Algorithm to Recover Building Structures. Starkville, MS: Mississippi State University.

In the past twenty years, our world has experienced a number of disasters, ranging from hurricanes to acts of terrorism. While both natural and anthropogenic disasters are inevitable, being able to simulate their progression and impact can provide guidance for preemptive measures to mitigate casualties and property damage. Specifically, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations can be used to simulate wind forces associated with hurricanes or pressure waves associated with explosions. However, even a simple CFD simulation is time consuming and requires highly-specialized expertise. This paper aims to reduce the processing time by utilizing readily available geometry models, and a surface wrapping algorithm that allows for fast and seamless way of repairing geometry. Both of these processes are automated which also reduces the amount of training in various software packages.