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Publication Abstract

Implementation of a New Force Scheme into DEM for Brittle Polycrystalline

Saleme Ruiz, K., & Stone, T.W. (2014). Implementation of a New Force Scheme into DEM for Brittle Polycrystalline. ERDC Interim Final Report. Mississippi State University: Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems. 1(1), 1-17.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center (USACE- ERDC) is conducting research on high performance materials. This report provides a detailed des- cription on the development and implementation of a new force scheme into DEM for brittle polycrys- talline materials. This work is contributing to the development of the computational nanomaterials test-bed under the ERDC’s project on “Discrete Nano-Scale Mechanics and Simulations”. This report provides the user with guidance on how to develop a force scheme for the ERDC’s in- house Discrete Element Model (DEM ) software to model a digitally generated microstructure that is representative of brittle polycrystalline materials, such as ceramics and nacre. This report covers the following main points: 1. Material model 2. Contact law 3. Force scheme