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Publication Abstract

Communicating Science: Sharing GoMRI Research

Dannreuther, N. M., Ellis, S. C., & Ritchie, J. B. (2014). Communicating Science: Sharing GoMRI Research. Bays and Bayous 2014. Mobile, AL: Northern Gulf Institute.

A common challenge facing many large and small research programs is communicating the process, progress, and results of their scientific activities. The default outlet used by the science community for this information is peer-reviewed journals. The road less traveled is the translation of this science into a language and form for a broader audience and sharing that information with the program's target audiences. The Northern Gulf Institute as part of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) Administrative Unit leads the program's effort to develop stories and highlights that translate these scientific activities for a broader audience. The program's website uses this content to highlight activities and share discoveries with those who visit. The stories are also shared through a variety of social media channels as well as with individual institutions’ media venues. The team develops and shares over sixty stories a year, managing the processes used to identify, develop, review, approve, and disseminate the information. Lessons learned and approaches for developing, leveraging, and extending the use of the developed content are important components to the team's activities.