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Publication Abstract

Port Utilization Measurement of Mississippi's Intermodal Ports

Fuller, S., Puryear, S., & Walden, C. (2016). Port Utilization Measurement of Mississippi's Intermodal Ports. Mississippi State University: National Center for Intermodal Transportation for Economic Competitiveness.

This proposal focuses on enhancing the transportation efficiency within Mississippi’s intermodal transportation industry. This is accomplished by developing a port assessment tool that identifies current methods and data used at each port in Mississippi to record its operating statistics. The assessment tool is tested on two ports in order to gauge its adequacy in measuring port capacity and utilization of operation. Port participants are asked a series of quantitative questions dealing with port activities and current measures being used. The ultimate goal is to enhance the region’s economic competiveness through greater efficiency across transportation modes. The project targets over $25,000 in tangible economic impact annually, which will fully return the federal award. The need for a set of common measures for port activities was recognized during a previous MSU project funded by the Mississippi Economic Council. MDOT concurred with the need, but was unable to undertake the project at this time. This project will determine what reporting is done currently, what information is being reported (or gathered), and what information is deemed most needed by the ports and MDOT in its role as overseer of the Mississippi ports. The project results in a reporting tool that may be utilized at all of Mississippi’s intermodal sites in future projects and a technical report will be submitted to NCITEC. Mississippi State University (CAVS – Extension) personnel will conduct this project.