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Publication Abstract

Two-dimensional Thermal Finite Element Model of Directed Energy Deposition

Jelinek, B., Young, W. J., II, Dantin, M., Furr, W., Doude, H., & Priddy, M. W. (2019). Two-dimensional Thermal Finite Element Model of Directed Energy Deposition. FEniCS'19. Washington D.C..

A two-dimensional (2D) thermal finite element (FE) model of the Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process is developed using the FEniCS framework. The model incrementally deposits material ahead of the laser focus point according to the geometry of the part. The laser heat energy is supplied by a Gaussian-distributed heat source while the phase change is represented by increased heat capacity near the solidus-liquidus temperature range. Calibration of the numerical model is performed by matching results of the melt pool temperature measurements taken by a dual wave length pyrometer during the build process of a box-shaped Ti-6Al-4V part with large geometrical voids. Effects of large geometrical voids on the melt pool shape and maximum melt pool temperature are examined. Both numerical model and experimental data show an increase in the melt pool size and temperature during deposition above large voids. The trailing edge of the melt pool's temperature profile obtained using the developed numerical model exhibits a solidification plateau extending horizontally from the solidus temperature that closely matches pyrometer measurements.