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Publication Abstract

Postural Effects of Monocular Display Augmented Laser Digitizing

Littell, N., & Babski-Reeves, K. (2007). Postural Effects of Monocular Display Augmented Laser Digitizing. 10th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference. Dallas, Texas.

This presentation will discuss augmentation (utilizing a monocular display) of an industrial, articulated, arm-based laser digitizer to improve the ergonomics conditions related to use of the system. The augmented display is used to display relevant information in the direct field of view of the user, eliminating the need for the user to shift visual focus back and forth between the digitized object and the computer monitor. The traditional system (non-augmented) will be discussed and compared to the augmented setup. Motion capture-based ergonomic analysis of both systems will be discussed and findings will be presented.