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Publication Abstract

Modeling for Powder Metallurgy Component Design and Performance Prediction

Stone, T.W., Hammi, Y., Carino, R.L., & Horstemeyer, M. (2009). Modeling for Powder Metallurgy Component Design and Performance Prediction. Advances in Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials. Las Vegas, NV: MPIF.

In this paper, math-based models for Powder Metallurgy (PM) component design and life cycle prediction are developed and experimentally validated. The material history is captured throughout the compaction and sintering processes to accurately and numerically predict the density and grain size distributions in the component. Using the material parameters from the dilatometer and image analysis experiments, we describe the evolution of the porosity or density during the sintering process using constitutive equations. The sintering model was validated by applying it to a steel main bearing cap, where the sintering model input included compaction model density and stress distribution results from a previous developed constitutive model. Using this approach, we capture the material history of the steel main bearing cap from compaction through sintering, gaining a better understanding of the structure-property changes during these processes, and can better predict the behavior of powder metal systems for actual components during consolidation and densification.