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Publication Abstract

Numerical Modeling of Surge Overtopping of a Levee

Sharp, J. A., & McAnally, W. H. (2011). Numerical Modeling of Surge Overtopping of a Levee. Applied Mathematical Modelling. 2011(6), 19.

Levee protection/armoring is critical in flood fighting, and understanding the flow characteristics involved requires the evaluation of the overtopping processes with a variety of tools. The Adaptive Hydraulics Model (AdH) is used to calculate velocity and depth during an overtopping event. Using these values, the work explores the application of AdH for the estimation of associated she r stresses, so that appropriate measures are applied for protection to ultimately reduce the probability of levee failure during an overtopping event. Four different depths and three Manning’s n values were used for a total of twelve different test cases. Results show mean shear stress increases with increased surge depth and roughness. Additionally, the area of greatest shear stress is shown to be at the slope transitions from levee to berm. Values calculated in this effort should be considered in the design and implementation of levee protection.