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David May  

David C. May is a Professor in the Department of Sociology at Mississippi State University. David received his Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology at Mississippi State in 1997. After working at Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne and Eastern Kentucky University, David returned to Mississippi State University in the Fall of 2012. David has authored or coauthored six books and over 100 scholarly articles and book chapters around his research interests of fear of crime, school safety, cybercrime, policing, corrections, military sociology, open source intelligence analysis, and human robot interaction. In addition to those works, Dr. May is currently a co-PI on research projects funded by the National Science Foundation, the Henry Family Foundation, and the Department of Defense. He is active in research and service in (1) community crime prevention and school safety work, (2) work dealing with reentry and other correctional issues for both officers and inmates, and (3) cybercrime research. He is currently coauthoring books on school safety and the school to prison pipeline and writing a variety of articles about corrections, school resource officers, and cybercrime issues.
Research Interest
Open Source Intelligence Analysis
Human Robot Interaction
School Safety
Fear of Crime
Military Sociology
Golf, Camping, and Motorcycle Riding
Selected Publications Total Publications:  1 
Shelly, Z., Stewart, E., Fonville, T. R., Burch V, R. F., Chander, H., Strawderman, L., May, David C., Smith, J. E., Carruth, D. W., & Bichey, C. (2019). Helmet Prototype Response Time Assessment Using NCAA Division 1 Collegiate Football Athletes. International Journal of Kinesiology & Sports Science. Australian International Academic Centre. 7(4), 53-65. DOI:10.7575/aiac.ijkss.v.7n.4p.53. [Abstract] [Document]