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The Computational Engineering graduate program is a versatile field of endeavor. Our program is unique in its cross-disciplinary emphasis because the CME program does not reside within a single academic department or college, but within the High Performance Computing Collaboratory (HPC²). It is here where students discover that almost every area of science and engineering use computer simulation and modeling to discover, understand and positively affect the world in which we live. For that reason, Mississippi State CME graduate students work with faculty from various academic departments. In this intellectually stimulating environment, our CME students work with a diverse and knowledge rich group of researchers to produce relevant computational research projects. Mississippi State believes in placing students with faculty that are at the forefront of computational engineering knowledge. We offer the opportunity to pursue programs of study and research leading to the Master of Science degree and the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Each program's curricula cover a large range of subjects to meet the goal of producing scientists and engineers with broad backgrounds and viewpoints. Our graduates earn their degrees equipped with the ability to solve analytical problems and use mathematical and computational tools required to arrive at solutions.