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The CME Program is now offering an option for a flexible way to learn anywhere there is a convenient location with an Internet connection. This option gives you a chance to manage your learning at your pace, a plus if you have irregular work schedules, family responsibilities or a heavy on-the-job workload. This plan will meet you wherever you are and can be tailored to you needs.

The online program does not require students to be on campus, ever.
All academic activities ranging from taking classes to sitting for examinations are performed via the internet or at appropriate remote locations. However, please be advised that the online program is targeted to engineers and scientists working in the nation's major national laboratories, such as the Department of Defense, NASA and the Department of Energy where high-performance computing assets are readily available. Applicants for the online program will be expected to have access to suitable high-performance computing assets as a precondition for admission.

If you are interested in the online program, and are unsure as to whether you have access to suitable high-performance computing assets, you are strongly encouraged to contact the CME Graduate Coordinator before applying for admission.