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Publications for: Lauren B. Priddy
Peer-Reviewed Journals
Liao, J., Priddy, L. B., Wang, B., Chen, J., & Vesely, I. (2009). Ultrastructure of Porcine Mitral Valve Chordae Tendineae. JOURNAL OF HEART VALVE DISEASE . 18(3), 292-299. [Abstract]
Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers
Priddy, L. B., Prabhu, R., Marin, E., Williams, L. N., Horstemeyer, M., & Liao, J. (2009). TRAUMATIC INJURY: MECHANICAL RESPONSE OF PORCINE LIVER TISSUE UNDER HIGH STRAIN RATE COMPRESSION TESTING. ASME 2009 Summer Bioengineering Conference Proceedings. Lake Tahoe, CA.