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Bohumir Jelinek  


CAVS 2148

(662) 325-6854

Dr. Bohumir Jelinek is a physicist and HPC software developer with an educational background that includes scientific formation from American and European universities. He holds a PhD in Physics with a minor in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Computer Engineering from Mississippi State University. At present, Dr. Jelinek works on vehicle dynamics, control systems, numerical models for off-road mobility, and simulations of solidification and additive manufacturing. His expertise includes interatomic potential development for material science, numerical modeling of Yagi-Uda antennas, development of automatic speech recognition systems using neural networks and hidden Markov models, discrete element/lattice-Boltzmann method for large particle assemblies in fluid, visualization, MPI parallelization, and deployment of container technologies for HPC applications. He is a member of International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems.

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Research Interest
Ground-vehicle Control Systems
GVSETS 2024 paper on vehicle-level control systems, including ABS

Off-road Mobility
ISTVS 2023 paper on wheel performance in sand, ISTVS 2021 paper on contact forces and stress calculations in soil under wheel load

Vehicle Dynamics
GVSETS 2021 paper on suspension tuning

Additive Manufacturing
Implemented 2D thermal finite element model (2d-heat-ded on GitLab) of directed energy deposition additive manufacturing process (animations) in Python using FEniCS framework. The model matched pyrometer measurement of melt pool length and was presented at FEniCS'19 conference and published in the Journal of Manufacturing Processes.

Particle Motion in Fluids
Parallelized 3D LBM code for partially saturated computational cells, coupled with Discrete Element method (summary), featured in MSU headline news, HPCwire 2016 and in 2017 brochure of The Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation, pp. 17.

Alloy Solidification
Parallelized 2D and 3D alloy solidification code (JCP article with source code, presentation), achieved a landmark featured in the 2012/09/19 HPC research spotlight.
XSEDE - single largest Mississippi allocation in 2013

Electrokinetic Phenomena
Revealed Charge density effects on the nanoflow (DOI), presentation, animated pressure equilibarion.

Density Functional Theory, Molecular Dynamics
Developed a MEAM potential for Al, Si, Mg, Cu, and Fe alloys (included in a NIST database), PRB journal article - results reproducible with Python ASE scripts published in GitHub repository, presentation

Speech Recognition using Hidden Markov Models
Worked on ISIP ASR system, sample C++ code and documentation.

Numerical modeling of EM field
Yagi and log-periodic antenna modeling package
takes NEC2 input files, visualizable with Antennavis
canoeing, swimming, soccer, amateur radio, programming
Selected Publications Total Publications:  77 
Jelinek, B., Henley, G., Card, A., Hannis, T., Gibson, C. M., Priddy, J., Boyle, S., Figueroa-Santos, M., & Mange, J. (2024). Vehicle-Level Control Systems Framework For Use In Create-GV Mercury Simulation. GVSETS 2024 conference proceedings. Novi, Michigan. [Abstract]

Jelinek, B., Card, A., Mason, G. L., James, T., Grebner, K., Skorupa, T., & Priddy, J. (2023). Tractive Performance of Rigid Wheel in Granular Media Using Coarse-scale DEM Models. Proceedings of the 16th European-African Regional Conference of the ISTVS 2023. Lublin, Poland: ISTVS. DOI:10.56884/HITS7216. [Abstract] [Document] [Document Site]

Jelinek, B., Mason, G. L., Peters, J. F., Vahedifard, F., & Priddy, J. (2021). DEM ANALYSIS OF CONTACT FORCES AND TRACTIVE PERFORMANCE OF RIGID WHEEL IN GRANULAR MEDIA. ISTVS 2021. online: ISTVS. [Abstract] [Document] [Document Site]

Jelinek, B., Salmon, J. E., Mason, G. L., Gibson, C. M., Hannis, T., Pachel, N., Jarrell, W., & Towne, B. (2021). SIMULATION STUDY OF LIGHT-WEIGHTING EFFECTS ON RIDE QUALITY AND MOBILITY. GVSETS 2021. Novi, Michigan. [Abstract] [Document] [Document Site]

Jelinek, B. (2019). Experimental and Modeling Capabilities for Off-road Mobility at CAVS, Mississippi State University. University of Wisconsin-Madison. [Document Site]