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Cary McCraine (Daniel)  
Cary (Daniel)
Geosystems Research Institute
Research Engineer

Curriculum Vitae not Provided

Selected Publications Total Publications:  7 
Bheemanahalli, R., Adeli, A., Samiappan, S., Prince Czarnecki, J. M., McCraine, C., Reddy, R., & Moorhead, R. J. (2023). Phenological Stage and Vegetation Index for Predicting Corn Yield under Rainfed Environments. Frontiers in Plant Science. 14, 12. DOI:10.3389/fpls.2023.1168732.

Hu, J., Miles, D. M., McCraine, C., & Moorhead, R. J. (2022). Application of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAV) to Monitor CO2 in Cropping Systems. ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD. [Document Site]

McCraine, C., Bheemanahalli, R., Senyurek, V., & Hu, J. (2022). A Framework for Relating UAS Data to Soil Moisture and Health. STRATUS 2022 Conference. Syracuse, NY.

Prince Czarnecki, J. M., Samiappan, S., Zhou, M., McCraine, C., & Wasson, L. L. (2021). Real-Time Automated Classification of Sky Conditions Using Deep Learning and Edge Computing. Remote Sensing. MDPI. 13(19), 3859. DOI:/10.3390/rs13193859. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Samiappan, S., McCraine, C., Hathcock, L. A., Turnage, G., Pitchford, J., & Moorhead, R. J. (2019). Remote Sensing of Wildfire Using SUAS: Post-fire Mapping, Vegetation Recovery and Damage Analysis in Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Mississippi. Drones. 3, 43-61. DOI:10.3390/drones3020043.